Cambria and its Exquisite Coast

Cambria, California was the next stop on our American Road Trip.

We opted to stay in the adequately named ‘fog catcher inn’. which, with its rustic charm and amazing sea views instantly made us feel welcome.

When I woke in the morning, after a very comfortable nights sleep, the relevance of the Inn’s name became clear. The morning’s fog was rolling off the sea, creating a ghostly but dazzling view.

Cambria’s equally as adequately named ‘moonstone beach’ was steps away from the inn. Its rocky and almost rugged outcrop seemed alien following the expanse of golden sand beaches in Los Angeles.


Large amounts of drift wood, dotted along the beach only added to its the wanderlust and sense of being untouched. Again, a sharp cry from the densely packed beaches of commonly thought of California.

In addition, the rustic wooden broad walk along the edge of the beach is perfect for a stroll – or run if you’re more energetic than I.

The path opens up at different points, offering viewing platforms which jet above the sea and beach, offering the perfect perspective of Cambria’s beautiful Marine life.

Just five minutes from the Inn, we spotted a handful of sea lion’s bathing in the sun:


Further impressive, driving along the coast for just 10 minutes, you’ll reach the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery  which offers spectacular viewing of the majestic elephant seal:




Seeing these beautiful mammals in their natural environment was spectacular. For me, this is tourism done right… Helping to support the animals by collecting voluntary donations and ensuring people keep enough distance to respect them, whilst offering an experience like no other. Something I’d like to see more of!

On the amenities side of things, due to the boutique size of Cambria, I have to admit that it was hard to find places to eat. The two restaurants in town shut early – they were closed when we went looking for a table at 7pm.

Instead, we therefore went to the Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill  which, is in fact award winning for its seafood. The food was indeed beautiful but, its status was definitely reflected in the price.

Apart from this however, I could not say a bad word against Cambria. Graceful, Seemingly remote and altogether beautiful. It’s defiantly a place to put on any travellers wish list.


Planning a Visit to Cambria? Been before? Have any hidden gems we could add to our travel list? We’d love to hear from you! comment at the bottom of the page 🙂








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