Earth’s Magical Places is a travel blog created and run by me – Rachel Clarke. A 25-year-old British adventurer with an ambition to see as many of our planet’s magical places as possible.

Majorelle Gardens Marrakech (cities to visit in Morocco)

Growing up I was lucky enough to enjoy many family holidays across Europe… And can confess to being a lifelong sun worshipper! However, it was a road trip through California the summer after I finished school that really sparked my desire to travel. I loved the feeling of discovering somewhere new and searching for all the best things to do.

So unsurprisingly, after returning home, I soon got itchy feet and haven’t stopped exploring since! In other words, I’ve been busy ticking destinations off my travel bucket list since 2017. This includes Bali, Thailand, Italy, Canada, and Iceland… To name just a few!

Alongside my travels, I originally started “Earth’s Magical Places” to keep my friends and family updated. However, to my surprise, its reach quickly expanded and now features subscribers from all around the world! So, whilst I’m certainly not a qualified writer, this blog has turned into something I’m incredibly passionate and I adore sharing travel tips and guides about my experiences!

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