All you need to know about Revolut Travel Cards

Like most, on previous trips I’ve exchanged my currency and headed abroad with an abundance of cash. However, having ample spending money to hand in this way always resulted in paranoia that all my hard earned cash will be stolen! This left  me constantly looking over my shoulder and protecting my bag like it was a new born child…

The Alternative of using my credit card however just never seemed worth it! With card transaction fees (applied at around 2.99%) and ATM withdrawal charges, you end up spending so much more money than you bargained for!

A friend of mine recently suggested I purchased a Revolut Travel card… This provided an answer to all my travel prayers! To be honest, I now have no idea how I managed to travel without one!

Here’s all you need to know:


How it Works –

Your Revolut card is essentially a prepaid MasterCard. In other words, Before your trip, all you need to do is transfer money from your actual account onto the card – where the money can be stored in Pounds, Euros or Dollars.

This is all done through their app meaning you can load, exchange and withdraw funds with the touch of a button. Further, the app itself is very easy to use and navigate! Even if you have a problem, the ‘in app chat’ allows for instant help – something I definitely utilised when setting up my account!

Why is it Cheaper? –

So far, the Revolut card just sounds like your standard MasterCard with a fancy app to accompany it… But, here’s the fun part:

The app works using perfect inter-bank rates. This means that when making a transaction, Revolut converts the currency on your card to that of your travel destination’s using the current bank market rates – which are far better than that of the  bureaux de change…. Therefore, you simply get more for your money!


On top of this, there are no spending/transaction fees whatsoever, and no ATM fees on withdrawals up to £200 per calendar month. After this withdrawals are at 2% which, is still a lot less than that of standard cards!

Cost –

Your Revolut account is free to set up – Another bonus! With the only Fee being £5 for delivery of the card. In my mind this is a pretty good deal!

Personal Experience

I’ve got no complaints about this card in action! It’s worked everywhere I’ve used it and I’ve encountered no hidden fees or costs… With banks these days, this is near enough a miracle. 😉


This said, I still take a reasonable amount of cash with me on trips! You can’t guarantee ATM access in Asia and most vendors in Europe only take cash. But, having less cash to hand has provided me with peace of mind and the savings on hotel payments and dinner bills are always welcomed!


Here’s a link to Revolut’s Website which I’d highly recommend you take a look at!

Comment below if you’ve found a similar card or have any other money saving tips! Which I will always welcome 😉




  1. May 30, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    The perfect solution for travellers who are not comfortable about carrying wads of cash and getting mugged. I shall keep this in mind next time we are planning a trip. Cheers x

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