Game of Thrones Morocco filming locations


Game of Thrones is well known for having breath-taking cinematography. The showrunners are able to create such amazing backdrops, as they often use real-life locations… While Croatia, Iceland and Ireland are famous for being used…

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Staying in an Luxury Agafay Desert Camp!


Visiting Morocco, I thought I’d be able to tick a visit to the Sahara desert off my travel bucket list. However, when I began researching my trip, I quickly found that the Sahara is difficult to reach and that it takes at least three days to get there, from Marrakech. Since I was only spending a week in Morocco, I didn’t have enough time to make this trip. Thankfully I found the perfect alternative, the Agafay Desert, which is equally as pristine and beautiful, but it’s just an hour away from Marrakech!

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One Week In Morocco Itinerary


Although Morocco is still relatively new to large scale tourism, it’s been on my travel list for a while. This is mainly thanks to Instagram pictures of its gorgeous tiled palaces and amazing scenery. Therefore, when I had a week free from university in January, it seemed the perfect place to visit for my 21st birthday. Thus, here’s my one week in Morocco Itinerary, which contains all you need to know about visiting this North African country.

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Your Guide to the perfect Windsor Day Trip


I’ve always been a fan of the British Royal family and since two royal weddings have been held at Windsor Castle this year, I thought there’s no better time to visit the castle and its namesake town: Windsor. Near to London, you can easily visit in a day! Thus, here’s my guide to the perfect Windsor day trip

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Woodbridge United Kingdom: Things to do


Sometimes there’s nothing more magical than simply exploring new towns and regions in your own country. Therefore, I recently decided to visit the small town of Woodbridge, Suffolk (England). Based near the coast, on the banks of the river Deben, this charming East Anglian town has a lot to offer! Thus here’s my guide to the best things to do in Woodbridge United Kingdom.

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